About Us

Nico Uys Biokineticits

Started in 2008 as a part-time practice, that steadily grew and opened their doors in Durbanville as a full time practice in 2011. Currently consists of 4 practices across the Cape peninsula and supplies 5 Corporate and Estate facilities in Cape Town and Pretoria. The team consists of 5 permanent staff and 2 part time providers in private practice, and a team of 23 wellness specialist staff in the Corporate Sector consisting of Biokineticists and Dietitians across South Africa.


To establish a recognizable brand of Bio that is known for its High Quality of Service, that operates with impeccable Value and Moral standards and be role models for our Passion for Life, Health and Wellness.


To be a recognized force in the Health industry. To optimize health through an outcome based, multidisciplinary approach with care and wellbeing as our guide in order to improve patient experience of life.