Cape Town

Nico Uys


  • B.Sc. Sport Science (US) 2003
  • Hon B. Sport Scients (Biokinetics) (US) 2004
  • Diploma Business Management (USB) 2014

I grew up in the country side where I was taught a mans’ word is his honor and you sealed a deal with a handshake. This is the values I installed into the practice and that serves as our guide. Assisting others in their quest for balance in this craziness called life.  The outdoors runs in my veins (although I don’t get out their nearly as much as I would like too), I live for my family,  take pride in my work and enjoy a good old braai when I get the chance.

Contact: 084 402 6600

Virgin Active
De’ Ville Shopping Centre
c/o Wellington and Main Rd